Chicken Carbonara with Mushrooms

Chicken Carbonara With Mushrooms Recipe

This quick and easy chicken carbonara recipe with mushrooms is perfect for a weeknight meal!

As I was growing up in the South, my mom would make me chicken carbonara every Easter. She’d throw the egg pasta in a pan with some bacon, eggs, parmesan, and a little bit of heavy cream. The flavors went well together, but she never told me why it was called “chicken carbonara.” I didn’t care. I just knew it was delicious. “Chicken Carbonara with Mushrooms” is the name given to this meal. As before, you get the same great flavors but with an extra protein boost from mushrooms. Because of their high concentration of antioxidant chemicals, mushrooms are regarded as nutrient-dense foods.

Eating healthy is the easiest thing to do when you cook from scratch; this recipe is the perfect example. It includes the three main health benefits of all whole foods: they’re filling, satiating, and offer a host of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and many other beneficial nutrients.

A great way to get your children to eat vegetables and whole foods is to let them help prepare dinner. This simple recipe makes healthy eating fun for kids. The taste is reminiscent of spaghetti carbonara, but the ingredients are healthy and nutritious. Plus, the kids will be eager to help eat their veggies when you’ve prepared a yummy meal like this!

It’s easy to make your favorite chicken carbonara recipe at home with these step-by-step instructions. which includes directions for preparing a creamy sauce and topping your pasta with a crunchy mushroom salad.


01. Parmesan

02. Bacon

03. Chopped white mushrooms


This dish’s sauce would be delicious on meat or seafood. Serve it with rice or pasta. The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook inspired this dish. I love watching Barefoot Contessa shows on Food Network because they have a great sense of humor, and she does not preach. She always lets her viewers know they can use the recipes as a guideline, not the be-all and end-all of culinary expertise. Her motto is, “Eat well and often.” I understand how difficult it is to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle as a mother. This is a must-try recipe for you.


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