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16 Best Thick Quick Shake Protein You’ll Love

If you maximize the protein-packed benefits of your shake, use high-protein ingredients such as fruit and vegetables. These ingredients have significant benefits, such as antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, they’ll improve the consistency and flavor of your shake. Alternatively, you can use animal sources such as meat, poultry, dairy products, or fish for protein. Cottage cheese is an excellent option for protein shake recipes. If you want to make a tasty, thick quick shake protein at home, here are the 16 best quick shake proteins you’ll love.

01. Coconut oil thick quick shake

Coconut oil thick quick shake
Coconut oil thick quick shake

You can make coconut energy balls by mixing a scoop of protein powder, shredded coconut, and vanilla extract. Then, roll the mixture into balls and chill in the freezer for at least an hour. To make the ice cream even more tempting, you can add dark chocolate to taste or use dates instead. And don’t forget to add some shredded coconut or almond butter to make it taste like cookies!

Almond Joy bars contain a mix of almonds, coconut, and chocolate. This combo is healthy as it contains fiber and magnesium. You can freeze them and have them for breakfast or as a snack. Coconut protein bars are also convenient to have around the house. They are 102 calories each and can last for three or four days when stored properly in the fridge. They make a great pre-workout snack or breakfast.

If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious shake, coconut oil is an excellent choice. Coconut oil is healthy but also helps make your shakes extra creamy and delicious. It can also be a great alternative to protein powder. Try these 15 thick, quick-shake protein recipes using coconut oil. Just make sure you choose a high-quality brand free of artificial sweeteners.

02. Vanilla protein powder

Vanilla protein powder
Vanilla protein powder

If you’re looking for a new way to add vanilla protein powder to your meals, you’ve come to the right place. This article includes 15 vanilla protein powder recipes and a printable recipe card with tips for healthy plant-based options. In addition, you’ll find the nutrition label for vanilla protein powder in each recipe and helpful shopping advice. To get started, you can find the basic recipe for a vanilla shake below.

These delicious, thick quick-shake proteins can be mixed with water, your favorite juice, milk, coconut water, or fruit smoothies. If you’re looking for a light and refreshing post-workout drink, try the Vanilla Protein Powder Shake. This smooth drink contains vanilla protein powder, banana, and milk. You can also double or triple the recipe to make it a larger serving. You won’t be disappointed!

The first two recipes use vanilla protein powder as their base. While it doesn’t replace flour, it can replace a third of the flour in a recipe. However, protein powder isn’t a replacement for flour, so use caution when baking. The powder may make your food drier, requiring a moisturizer. If you add too much, you may have a heavy shake that’s difficult to consume.

03. Greek yogurt thick quick shake

Greek yogurt thick quick shake
Greek yogurt thick quick shake

Adding extra calories to your diet is easy with these thick quick-shake protein recipes. Whether you choose a Greek or dairy-free brand, the added flavor of yogurt and fruit will make your shake more enjoyable. Flaxseed, chia seeds, and bananas can add fiber and healthy fats to your shake. Greek yogurt is the best choice for those who want to increase their protein intake without eating a large meal.

When it comes to losing weight, many people struggle to eat enough protein to achieve their fitness goals. Protein is crucial for maintaining weight loss and building muscle. A Greek yogurt shake with whey protein will give you almost double the protein of a traditional protein shake! While it might be tempting to indulge in frozen yogurt for dessert, it is unnecessary to go overboard. Greek yogurt is a great snack for weight loss when mixed with whey protein. It’s high in protein and will keep you full longer.

Frozen berries are a healthy option for adding more nutrients to a Greek yogurt smoothie. Frozen berries are a delicious way to add extra sweetness to your smoothie. Mango and pineapple are also excellent choices for making smoothies, as the berries will hide the green color of Greek yogurt. If you’re allergic to dairy products, you can use kefir instead. You may want to use other milk alternatives, including water or 100% fruit juice.

04. Almond milk thick quick shake

Almond milk thick quick shake
Almond milk thick quick shake

If you’re looking for a protein-packed snack, try making one of these 15 almond milk thick quick shake protein recipes. These tasty shakes will satisfy your taste buds and keep you full all day long. Sugar-free recipes contain no calories, so they’re an excellent choice for people on a diet. You can even experiment by using a different flavoring powder or adjusting the amount of liquid you use.

Almond milk is an excellent addition to protein shakes because it is low in calories and carbs and contains no lactose. You can find it in most health food stores, and you can also use it to make chocolate shakes for extra protein. You can even blend it with almond butter to get a smoother consistency. Almond milk is a great post-workout snack, and adding blueberries and almonds boosts its antioxidants. In addition to enhancing the taste of your shake, the addition of oatmeal also adds fiber to your shake.

Almond milk also provides natural energy and a boost of vitamins and minerals. Here’s a quick and easy protein-packed smoothie recipe. You can use half a banana, a handful of berries, and almond milk to make a delicious protein-rich drink. If you’re trying to avoid too much sugar, you can use 1/4 cup of cauliflower instead of a banana. You’ll love it! You can even try a few of the other recipes.

05. Avocado thick quick shake

Avocado thick quick shake
Avocado thick quick shake

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some avocado thick quick shake protein recipes. This creamy fruit smoothie is packed with protein and healthy fats, and the addition of avocado makes it a delicious treat. It contains 24 grams of protein, 14 grams of fiber, and 15 grams of healthy fats, and it’s a perfect breakfast or afternoon snack. You can make it with various flavors or keep it simple with your favorite fruit.

Avocados are full of healthy fats and an excellent protein and fiber source. This is a delicious breakfast or snack, and it only requires 5 ingredients and takes just a few minutes to prepare. Blend the avocado, banana, and water to make an avocado smoothie. Mix them well once the ingredients are combined and serve as a nutritious snack or meal. Avocado is also vegan and contains a lot of healthy fats, so it’s an excellent option for people who want to avoid meat in their diet.

First, make sure your avocado is ripe before making a smoothie. A ripe avocado yields to pressure and feels soft but not mushy. If you find your avocado is too hard to handle, place it in a brown paper bag for a few days. The fruit will ripen faster if the avocado is kept in a sealed container. Peel the avocado and remove the pit. Blend all the ingredients until smooth. You can double or triple the amount if you’d like.

06. Spirulina thick quick shake

Spirulina thick quick shake
Spirulina thick quick shake

It has many health benefits and is an excellent plant-based protein source. The nutrient-rich powder is also a powerful antioxidant that can combat inflammation. For an extra dose of protein, add some plant-based milk or yogurt. Maple syrup is often mistaken for a simple sugar replacement but contains antioxidants. Maple syrup can help prevent cancer and boost immunity.

The blue color of spirulina is due to a naturally occurring substance called phycocyanin. It helps lower cholesterol, improves cardiovascular health, and lowers blood sugar. Some studies have suggested spirulina may improve allergy symptoms and mental health. Spirulina can be purchased at most natural health food stores, organic grocery stores, or online. However, you may prefer to use a powdered protein source.

A thick spirulina smoothie contains about 11 grams of plant-based protein, which is comparable to the protein found in beef or chicken. Additionally, spirulina contains antioxidants, amino acids, and other beneficial nutrients for health. Spirulina is an excellent vegan protein supplement. A cup of spirulina contains about 16 grams of protein per serving.

07. Peanut butter thick quick shake

Peanut butter thick quick shake
Peanut butter thick quick shake

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried a vegan peanut butter protein shake yet. This thick, creamy treat is packed with protein and fiber. It contains only 50 calories per tablespoon, a fraction of the 180 in a regular jar. You can enjoy this shake as a healthy snack, a pre-workout drink, or anytime you feel like a chocolate fix.

If you love chocolate and peanut butter, you should try this dairy-free vegan chocolate protein shake. You can also try peanut butter swirl brownies and keto chocolate peanut butter fat bombs. This decadent treat has protein and carbs and is the perfect fuel for a busy day. Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat or need an energy boost for your next workout, you can count on a chocolate peanut butter protein shake.

If you can’t stand the taste of peanut butter, try almond or sunflower seed butter. Peanut butter is rich in protein, but you can use any nut butter. You can also use protein powder for extra protein. Just remember to use raw, organic ingredients whenever possible. You can even share these recipes on social media! If you’re vegan or gluten-free, don’t forget to check out the list of ingredients.

08. Smoothies thick quick shake

Smoothies thick quick shake
Smoothies thick quick shake

You’ll love these 25 thick, quick-shake protein recipes, whether vegan or simply looking to improve your diet. You’ll be able to enjoy a tasty, nutritious shake while avoiding the high sugar content and added sugars in store-bought versions. These recipes also include vegetables, such as spinach or kale, which add flavor and nutrients to the shake. Add some nut butter to your shakes for added protein and healthy fats.

Try this pumpkin pie protein shake if you want a healthy snack between meals. With 58 grams of protein, it can satisfy a sweet tooth. Blending an apple with the skin will help your smoothie retain phytonutrients. On the other hand, a chocolate peanut butter shake has hidden spinach. It also contains cherries, which can help you recover from a workout. These are also rich in Vitamin A, which can help your skin, eyes, and immune system.

Most of these protein shake recipes are low in calories, sugar, and fat and are high in fiber and healthy fats. These healthy ingredients will keep you feeling full longer and satiate your appetite. Some even include a cup of fruit or a healthy handful of vegetables to give your shake a healthy boost of nutrients. This makes these drinks delicious, nutritious, and healthy to meet your fitness goals. And best of all, they’re quick and easy to make.

09. Protein thick quick shake

Protein thick quick shake
Protein thick quick shake

It’s simple to prepare and takes less than two minutes. The liquid should be added first to avoid the ingredients’ sticking together. Then, add the protein powder and other ingredients, and blend on high speed for at least 30 seconds. To save time and avoid boredom, you can buy individual-sized blenders. Add Greek yogurt or avocado for extra protein. Use a blender with a blade in small increments, and add one to two tablespoons of liquid to one cup of protein powder.

Some of the most delicious protein shakes are those that include fruits. You can add fruits, such as bananas, to make them sweeter or less high-carb. One smoothie made with peaches, pineapple, banana, and kale has more than a serving of fruit but is low-carb. This shake is also rich in vitamin C and iron. You can use vanilla protein powder or whey isolate for even more nutrition.

There are plenty of protein shake recipes to choose from. Whether you want a pre or post-workout snack, these drinks can make a great meal replacement or a satisfying dessert. You can adapt them to suit your own needs and preferences. Some recipes require whole milk, while others only require water or other liquids. And, because they are so convenient and easy to make, you don’t have to worry about how to cook it.

10. Superfoods thick quick shake

Superfoods thick quick shake
Superfoods thick quick shake

When it comes to weight loss, the best way to maximize your results is to increase the amount of protein in your daily diet. Luckily, there are many superfoods that you can include in your thick quick shake protein or smoothie. These include bananas, hemp seeds, chia seeds, spirulina, and other healthy ingredients. These ingredients will not only add to your shake’s delicious taste but also help you boost your workout performance.

The Everyday Easy Eats smoothie contains no refined sugar and is easy to make at home. You’ll also find a natural protein powder easy to mix with other ingredients, such as bananas. Shalek recommends using Bob’s Red Mill protein powder because of its high quality and wholesome ingredients. This smoothie contains plenty of protein and antioxidants. Another favorite is the Love and Zest smoothie, which contains 17 g of fiber and 12 grams of protein.

Try combining banana and chocolate if you want a shake recipe with added flavor. You can find a great protein powder in the supermarket, but adding a few extra scoops will make your shake even better. Alternatively, add some fruit and berries and create a smoothie with them. This way, you’ll get a boost of energy and a quick recovery from a workout. If you prefer a tropical escape, try combining a banana and chocolate protein powder in one shake.

11. Flaxseeds thick quick shake

Flaxseeds thick quick shake
Flaxseeds thick quick shake

Using flaxseeds in thick quick shake protein is a great way to boost your daily dose of essential fatty acids, fiber, and protein while being virtually tasteless. It can be familiar with thickening a shake or mixed with other ingredients like berries or quinoa crunch granola. The protein in a flaxseed smoothie can be anywhere from 30 to 60 grams.

If you’re concerned about the flavor, try adding a teaspoon to your smoothie daily. Flaxseeds have a mild flavor, making them perfect for sweet and savory foods. In small quantities, even your children may not notice it. Besides being beneficial for your overall health, flaxseeds are also known to reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels. Flaxseed may even help prevent colorectal cancer.

Another benefit of flaxseed is that they’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain development and may reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly. They also have powerful phytochemical properties, including lignans, which mimic the action of estrogen in the body. Because lignans have strong antioxidant properties, flaxseed is also beneficial in protecting against cancers that are sensitive to hormones.

12. Matcha green tea thick quick shake

Matcha green tea thick quick shake
Matcha green tea thick quick shake

A green, healthy breakfast with a boost of antioxidants is the matcha quick shake protein. This smoothie blends matcha green tea powder with spinach and protein powder for a delicious, vegan treat. Matcha is a popular green tea powder from finely ground dried tea leaves. It’s great for those on a vegan diet or paleo because of its high antioxidant content. The ingredients can be mixed to create a nourishing drink in minutes.

The green powder in matcha contains a powerful antioxidant known as catechins. These antioxidants are absent in most other foods and help counteract the harmful effects of free radicals on our bodies. These harmful substances can affect our cells and DNA. Green tea helps us lose weight and feel better by boosting our metabolism. There are many reasons why matcha is so good for our bodies.

For those looking for an alternative to traditional green tea, matcha is the perfect drink to boost your metabolism. Its unique taste can be easily disguised by adding a little honey or vanilla yogurt to the mixture. This delicious green drink can also be consumed as a morning smoothie. A garnish of fresh berries or mint leaves can add a sweet taste to any smoothie. You can also use matcha powder in your smoothies if you want a more natural approach to eating green tea.

13. Hemp Protein Thick Quick Shake

Hemp Protein
Hemp Protein

It is a versatile and complete protein powder rich in antioxidants, essential minerals, and digestion-supporting fiber. It is also loaded with unsaturated fats, which are healthy for your heart. These healthy fats help to regulate metabolism and blood sugar levels. Here are some ways to use hemp protein in your diet. Try one of these recipes for a nutritious snack. You’ll be glad you did!

These muffins are loaded with hemp protein powder and only require a few ingredients. They will fill you up and keep you feeling full. They are great for traveling as well! The healthy fats in the hemp protein powder will help you feel full for longer and are a great source of fiber. If you want to skip the shake and have a snack, try adding hemp protein powder to your favorite baked goods.

Hemp protein powder also makes a great smoothie. Try adding it to low-fat or whole milk for a more nutritious treat. You can even use coconut oil to create a flavorful treat that is easily digestible and can be mixed with various ingredients. Mix it with fruit, veggies, or other ingredients to make a tasty shake or smoothie. This versatile protein powder can be added to smoothies, brownies, and other foods to boost your protein intake without adding many calories.

14. Choclate Cherry Protein Smoothie

Choclate Cherry Protein
Choclate Cherry Protein

This thick quick shake and velvety delicious chocolate cherry morning meal smoothie are loaded with over 26 grams of protein per serving! The cherry season remains in full blast below in Michigan. I’m sharing one of my favorite 2-minute breakfast dishes to celebrate: a rich and luscious chocolate cherry protein smoothie.

As the world’s cherry capital, it probably does not amaze you that we are excited when the juicy fruit begins lining the neighbourhood farm stands. I enjoy utilizing cordial cherries for this recipe, but tart cherries would also work well. You can always add a sweet taste with honey, but I prefer using fruit to sweeten my smoothie mixes.

I add chocolate powder before mixing the shake for a great chocolate taste without adding fat and calories. You can make use of regular or dark chocolate cacao powder. Either way, do not be shy—cacao powder is a fantastic source of antioxidants. As opposed to my standard yogurt or protein powder addition, at this moment, I chose to change points by assimilating low-fat cottage cheese. A superb source of healthy protein, vitamins, and nutrients, I prefer the little tasty, salty flavor it includes in the smoothie mix. Packed with over 26 grams of healthy protein per serving, my Chocolate Cherry Healthy Protein Shake is my brand-new favorite shake recipe for summer. Try it today!

15. Apple peanut butter Smoothie

Apple peanut butter
Apple peanut butter

This thick and luscious smoothie recipe is healthy, protein-packed, and made with pleasant apples, creamy peanut butter, and a pinch of cinnamon. I also have no shame. Reduced carbohydrates, packed with healthy fats and oh-so-tasty peanut butter, are a terrific means to praise high-fiber foods such as apples, whole grain bread, or oatmeal. For this thick and luscious apple peanut butter shake recipe, I mixed an apple, a banana, peanut butter, yogurt, flaxseed, and a bit of cinnamon and vanilla.

The creamy, salty peanut butter perfectly balances beautiful, sharp apples. If you intend to keep it vegan, merely swap out the Greek yogurt for whole-fat coconut milk. The result is a pleasant, creamy, slightly sharp, and nutty smoothie that will keep you full and pleased for hours. Feel free to drizzle with melted peanut butter before serving for a little extra extravagance.


  • 1pcs apple (cored as well as quartered).
  • 1pcs banana.
  • 1 mug simple Greek yogurt (can swap with coconut milk).
  • 2 tablespoons of all-natural peanut butter.
  • 2 tbsp flax seed (whole or ground).
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla.
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon.
  • 1/2 cup water.
  • 1 scoop ice (optional).

16. Strawberry Banana thick quick shake

Strawberry Banana thick quick shake
Strawberry Banana thick quick shake

This strawberry banana shake is a traditional, kid-friendly smoothie that uses just 4 active ingredients and combines in just minutes. Perfect when you have an abundance of fresh berries available or want something light and tasty for a morning meal or treat. Strawberry season is right here, and I could not be more excited! Strawberries are a favorite among our family members; they are much better throughout the summer. We try to choose or get as high as we can when the moment is right, and also, this effortless strawberry banana smoothie mix is one of the most effective ways we appreciate them!


You’ll require just 4 straightforward active ingredients to make this remarkable strawberry banana smoothie mix:

  • Strawberries: The star of the show! Fresh, ripe, pleasant, and juicy strawberries are conveniently available in the spring and summertime. Nonetheless, this recipe works with frozen berries (make sure not to use a frozen banana if you use frozen strawberries, or the smoothie will be thick and challenging to blend!
  • Banana: I advise utilizing an icy one to sweeten this smoothie naturally. Make sure you freeze your banana without the peel!
  • Greek yogurt: Do not hesitate to use any preferred yogurt. I choose plain Greek yogurt because it’s super-rich and packs an excellent punch of healthy protein. Use coconut or almond-based yogurt to make this dish dairy-free and vegan.
  • Milk: We use almond or cashew milk, but you can use any milk you’d like. For a tropical spin, try coconut milk!

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